Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ancestry and Rootsweb Traffic Statistics

Avid genealogy blog- and news-hounds will recall that Ancestry decided to incorporate all Rootsweb pages into the domain in mid-March, one month ago.

After that, I posted several articles about Traffic statistics for Ancestry and Rootsweb - the last on 1 April.

Since then, all of the Rootsweb pages that I checked from the main Rootsweb page are now within the domain. I also checked for the web sites hosted by Rootsweb for the USGenWeb project and found that they also are on the Ancestry domain now. The WorldConnect database is now in the Ancestry domain.

Here are the traffic statistics for the last month for and - in Reach (unique visitors per million Internet users) and Page Views (per million Internet users):

In one month, Ancestry's Reach has increased from about 300 to about 500, while Rootsweb's Reach has decreased from about 400 to about 70. Page Views for Ancestry have actually decreased during this time from about 8000 to about 7000, while Rootsweb's has decreased from about 2500 to about 500.

Interesting, isn't it?

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