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Carringer Family Letters, 1890 to 1900 - Post 8

This series of family letters is from the parents, brother and aunt of Henry Austin Carringer residing in National City and San Diego in the 1890 to 1900 time frame. Austin's parents (David Jackson and Rebecca (Spangler) Carringer and brother (Edgar, unmarried) resided in Boulder, Colorado during this period of time and there is news of towns people and events in these letters.

The eighth letter is from Austin's mother, Rebecca Carringer, in Boulder.


Letter from Rebecca Carringer of Boulder, Colorado to Austin and Della Carringer in San Diego, California. No envelope.

Boulder Colo Ap 5 [18]97

Dear Children I was to lasy to write and now we have our close on the line and Ed has gone to town to see why our coald did not come satterday and Pa is trimming the hege he is not feeling as well for the last 2 days he has got some cold. I am about the same if the weather would get good I think we would feel better we have had snow all last week the funeyest weather I ever saw it will snow one day and the next day it will go away then with snow the next this the next go away that is the way all last week now the snow is amost all gone but it is getting cloudy so it is amost time for another shower.

After Diner I will not get this to the office today. How many chicks have you got. We will have som tomorrow and some next day if they hach. We have had so much snow I don’t know how it will be. Morn well we had our first rain last night and it rained hard to and did not snow a bit and is clearing off now. I wish the ground would dry up for we want to have some plowing done.

[abruptly ends – page missing?]


More of the same - health, weather, business.

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