Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Subscription Family Tree Web Site Traffic

Here are the Reach (unique visitors each day per million Internet users), Rank (of all web sites), and Page Views (daily views per million Internet users) statistics charts from for three of the genealogy subscription family tree web sites over the last three years -

* (#9 on Kory Meyerink's Top 50)

* (#19)

* (#30)

Since the graphs are somewhat hard to read, I will list the average Reach (per Million Internet users) and page views (per user) for the last three months for these three sites (plus Ancestry's statistics for comparison purposes) -

* -- Reach = 197.5, Page Views = 15.4 per user

* - Reach = 14.5, Page Views = 20.0 per user

* - Reach = 4.65, Page Views = 5.5 per user

* - Reach = 4.0, Page Views = 8.6

Compare these charts with the Social Networking charts in my earlier traffic comparison, and you can see that the decline in the subscription traffic does not coincide with the increase in traffic on the free social networking sites. It's almost as if new people uploaded their data to the social network sites.

The decline over 2005 and 2006 on these sites corresponds to the declines on other subscription sites as indicated here and on free sites shown here. Over the last year, these subscription sites have held traffic essentially constant, similar to the other sites noted above. The new subscription database sites, shown here, have maintained and slightly increased traffic over the past year.

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