Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Imminent Demise of Genea-Musings

When I started writing Randy's Musings almost two years ago, I had no idea how the experience would absolutely change my life. I was a recently retired aerospace engineer happily engaged in pursuing genealogy research, serving a local society, and speaking occasionally to local groups. I thought that I might have something to say about genealogy, politics, science, sports, etc. and might even do it several times a week.

After almost two years, blogging has essentially become the focus of my whole life. I've become a genealogy blogaholic. The symptoms are obvious:

* I write on four blogs - Genea-Musings, Geneaholic, Randy's Busy Life and the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe and have seriously considered adding several more.

* I have over 260 blogs on my Bloglines list that I read several times daily (essentially when there is new content)

* I don't read any blogs other than genealogy-related blogs. Well, I do read some history ones that are genealogy related.

* I constantly check the Genealogy blog Finder for new genealogy blogs to read.

* I spend two to four hours daily reading, writing or researching for my blogs.

* I have participated in almost every Carnival of Genealogy theme, plus many posting memes.

* I ask myself "is this something I could blog about?" whenever I read a book, article, web site or blog.

* When I am out of town, I prepare one or two blog posts for each day ahead of time and try to submit them from wherever I am.

* I worry about how my blogs "look" and tinker with colors occasionally

* When there are Top 10 or "Best of" lists, I am crushed when my blog isn't mentioned. Of course, I'm ecstatic when they are!

* I would rather blog than go out with friends or to a ballgame.

* When the Padres are on TV, I use the laptop and read or blog while watching the game.

* My grandchildren get shooed away when they want to play games on the computer or watch the Disney Channel. They say "no bogs, no bogs."

Of course, my wife complains about my blogging and worries that all of the sitting isn't good for my posture or waistline or blood pressure. Not to mention the late nights when she goes to bed with cold feet.

I promised her that I would quit blogging when three things happened (heh heh, she thought these were all possible):

1. An article would appear in a reputable genealogy magazine about "True Tales of Alien Ancestry" thereby supporting my claim that Thomas J. Newton was actually dropped off from a UFO

2. The complete 1890 US Federal Census would be discovered intact and would provide years of research for millions of genealogists.

3. The top ten genealogy database sites are available for free in one place, preferably in the Genea-Cave.

The first two have happened recently, and the San Diego FHC has the top 10 genealogy sites available for free, except for Genealogy.com and OneGreatFamily.com. If OGF falls out of the top 10 and Ancestry brings Genealogy.com into the Ancestry domain and opens up those databases to Ancestry subscribers, then my blogging career choice is in danger here!

I'm checking to see if they rent out rooms at the FHC just in case my genea-blogaholism forces a move away from the Genea-Cave.

Or I could just not tell Angel Linda what I know ...


The Ancestry Insider said...


Don't you dare stop! You do so and I'll yank the 1890 census offline so quickly it will make your head spin!

-- The Ancestry Insider

Terry Thornton said...

Randy, What a funny April Fools joke. Way to go --- you had me gasping "Oh, no, no more Seaver induced spikes in readership ever!" Funny funny.

JMK said...

Yup, GOT to be an April fools..... err... i hope!

Unknown said...

Well good luck if it is not a joke! You might like to see http://www.metro.co.uk/news/article.html?in_article_id=127694&in_page_id=34
This article claims that net addiction is resistant to treatment etc... On the positive side, your only hope is that you admit to this addiction, even posting the hours it involves, rather than lying about this time ;-) Oh, and relapse rates are high - see ya!