Saturday, April 5, 2008

Genea-Musings is on the road again

After the CVGS seminar on Saturday, Linda and I are flying to Santa Cruz for a week taking care of our grandsons. Their mother has flown to North Carolina to greet her Marine husband flying home from Iraq. Their life, and ours, will get back to normalcy in another month or so.

I am taking the laptop, and they have Internet access, so I anticipate being able to read my email, all of my favorite blogs, and even post once or twice a day. Get ready for a steady diet of elusive ancestors and family letters! I won't be doing much research. But we will be making more family history for two little boys and ourselves.

I'll be back next Sunday. I anticipate big genealogy news announcements in the next week - they always seem to happen when I'm on the road!

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