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The Elusive Sarah Martin (1792-1860), wife of John Putman

I am posting some of my most elusive women ancestors in hopes that someone will Google their name and find my post. Ideally, the Googlers will provide me with more information about my elusive female ancestor's ancestry. Realistically, they will commiserate with me about the lack of records and wonder why no researcher has figured the problem out yet.


Family of Sarah (Martin) Putman (1792-1860), wife of John Putman

Sarah Martin was born 07 March 1792 in New Jersey, and died 21 December 1860 in Delhi, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada. She married John Putman about 1808 in probably Sussex County, NJ, son of Peter Putman and Sarah Kinnan. He was born before 27 September 1785 in Walpack, Sussex County, NJ (baptism), and died 10 May 1863 in Delhi, Norfolk County, Ontario.

Notes for Sarah Martin:

The parents of Sarah Martin have not been defined. Some secondary sources claimed that her maiden surname was Milford or Mulford (her second son was named Milford or Mulford).

It is possible that she was born and raised in Sussex County, New Jersey, since that is perhaps where she married John Putman. There is a Mulford Putman, son of Thomas and Sarah (Ludlum) Martin, who was born in 1791 in Union county, New Jersey.

Notes for John Putman:

The data presented on this Putman family was obtained from Mark Putman, who publishes the Putman Family Bulletin. One of his publications, "Descendants of David Janse Putman, son of Johannes Pootman of Schenectady, New York", covers the present ancestral line.

John Putman was baptized 27 September 1785 at the Walpack Congregational Church in Walpack, Sussex County, New Jersey.

He married Sarah Martin about 1808. John and Sarah Putman moved to Steuben County, New York between 1810 and 1820. Their children were probably born in Wayne Township, Steuben County, New York.

About 1834, John Putman, with his brother Isaac Kinnan Putman, moved his family to Fredericksburg (later called Delhi), Norfolk County, Ontario, named after Frederick Sovereign, an early settler. John Putman may have followed the lumber trade from Steuben County, New York to Norfolk County, Ontario, since many of John's sons were lumber men. John Putman and Isaac Kinnan Putman pledged an oath of allegiance to Canada, recorded in Norfolk County in 1842. On 1 November 1839, Deacon Frederick Sovereign, Deacon William McLennan, and John Putman were elected by the Middleton Baptist Church of Delhi to attend a council convened to ordain Samuel Smith.

Sarah Putman died in Delhi, Norfolk, Ontario 21 December 1860 at 69 years of age. John Putman died in Delhi 10 May 1863 at the age of 78. Both were buried in the Middle Township Cemetery, but when the cemetery was sold in about 1970 to build a store, their gravestones were moved a short distance to the Delhi Cemetery.

Children of Sarah Martin and John Putman are:

i. Peter Putman, born 1813 in prob. Wayne, Steuben County, NY.

ii. Mulford M. Putman, born 1815 in prob. Wayne, Steuben County, NY. He married Elizabeth Barns.

iii. Isaac Putman, born 1819 in prob. Wayne, Steuben County, NY.

iv. Eliza Putman, born 01 January 1820 in Wayne, Steuben County, NY; died 17 March 1895 in Delhi, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada. She married Alexander Sovereign 03 March 1840 in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada; born 22 December 1814 in Middleton, Norfolk County, Upper Canada; died 15 August 1907 in Windham, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada.

v. Rebecca Putman, born 26 August 1822 in probably Wayne, Steuben County, NY.

vi. Mary Putman, born 04 June 1825 in probably Wayne, Steuben County, NY.

vii. Martha Putman, born About 1829 in probably Wayne, Steuben County, NY.

viii. William C. Putman, born 11 February 1834 in probably Wayne, Steuben County, NY. He married Mary Chambers 03 July 1860 in MI; born about 1833 in Canada.


I am descended from Eliza Putman, who married Alexander Sovereign.

If anyone has additions or corrections to this family data, please, please, please, please (shades of James Brown, eh?) email me at

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