Monday, April 21, 2008


Greg Matthews has a great web site at that has a collection of web tools and ideas designed to make genealogy easier for each of us.

The tools and ideas include:

1) A customized Google toolbar for genealogy - you can download "gadgets" into your Google toolbar and have a one click search in Rootsweb, Ancestry, FamilySearch and other genealogy web sites. This page shows you how to obtain the "gadgets" and use them. I had a small hiccup when some didn't work because I neglected to click inside the Google Search box before I used each "gadget."

2) Using Google for deep data mining is discussed in several notes on this page, including getting the most out of simple searches, advanced search techniques, how to exclude terms in Google searches, and the best Google searches you've never heard of.

3) Using genealogy newsfeeds is on this page. Notes include using newsfeeds to speed up your searches, view mailing lists without subscribing, how to add feeds to your news reader, and several sites to add to your news reader.

4) Using Firefox as your internet browser is here. Notes include advantages of using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer and unique features of Firefox, including tabbed browsing and smart keywords.

Greg has created a nice set of very helpful and useful notes that are easy to understand and use. I downloaded some of the Google toolbar gadgets and have been using them ever since.

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