Saturday, April 26, 2008

Terry Thornton's Blog-iversary

Do you read Terry Thornton's Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi genealogy and local history blog? If you don't, you should. Terry started his blog one year ago today, and has posted 600 notes - most of them chock full of interesting and humorous stories about his family, his life experiences, and his little corner of the world. Terry's post noting the blog-iversary is here.

The hill country of northeastern Mississippi really didn't pop up on my radar screen until about a year ago. Why in the world would I, who grew up in the big city of San Diego and has never been to that part of the country, be interested in Terry's blog? The answer is really pretty simple - we are all on this big blue and tan whirling sphere together and we need to understand and work with everybody else on the planet. Terry writes about his life and the place he lives. Every county, or part of a county, should be so lucky to have someone like Terry writing about "olden times" in the place where they grew up and where they live. Besides, he is erudite, humorous and prolific - all the things I admire in a writer!

Terry points out in his post that he was quickly integrated into the group of genealogy bloggers that struggles eaxh day or week to post helpful and interesting articles. The fact is that this community of genea-bloggers is very accepting - we love new bloggers who write about genealogy and history. It's not a competitive thing for any of us - it's an inspirational and educational thing - finding out about another part of the world. The beauty of our hardy little group is that we feed off each other - a comment or question can spur a whole avalanche of posts by many bloggers.

Congratulations to Terry for creating HCOMCM and for writing 600 posts in a year - it's a very impressive portfolio. It is also a priceless historical treasure for Terry's family and the inhabitants of the area to have. Terry - please keep telling us about your life, your family and your little corner of the world.

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Terry Thornton said...

Randy, How kind and how flattering. Thank you so much for all these kinds words --- I most appreciate them.

The Genea-Bloggers are inspirational and accepting and helpful and most of us agree that Randy is the King of the Genea-Bloggers!

Thanks for all your help, advice, encouragement, and the daily inspiration and leadership you provide.