Saturday, April 26, 2008

What's a "Utah" Name?

My son-in-law was checking around for baby names not to use for his soon-to-be-born daughter, and found this web site page "The Utah Baby Namer" and the article titled "What's In a (Utah) Name?" and

So what's a "Utah" name? The web page describes them as:

"The quintessential Utah name often has a French-sounding prefix such as Le-, La-, Ne-, or Va-. Often names appear to have genesis in the combined names of the parents--Veradeane or GlenDora, for example. Related is the practice of feminizing the father's name--as in Vonda (dad is Vaughan) or Danetta. Others, such as Snell or Houser, appear to be surnames called into service as first names.

"Related is the curious tendency, more common in Utah than elsewhere, for men (women do not seem to do this) to use the first initial, then the full middle name as the given name, such as L. Flake Rogers, who ran for office in Utah County when we lived there. (Come on, you've noticed this habit among the general authorities of the LDS church!) Besides puzzling over why someone would want to be known as "Flake," it makes one wonder just what the "L" stands for."

You need to read the whole page, and then read the list of absolutely amazing (and sometimes beautiful and sometimes curious) list of "Utah" names categorized at Unless their tongues are implanted in their cheeks, and I can't tell for sure, these names are real names (probably unique, in many cases!).

I'm not making fun of these names - just noting the list for those who are looking for a really unique name for their newborn.

By the way, they're going for Audrey. Thank goodness it's not Hallah Lujah, Dazzlyn, G'ni, Xtlyn, Lovalee, K-8, Jeopardee, Tiarrhea, ... Aren't humans creative?

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