Sunday, June 15, 2008

My First Father's Day

I was only 8 months old when I celebrated my first Father's Day - with my dad, of course! Here's a picture from about that time in 1944:

I don't know if he's tickling me or what, but it looks like I was having fun!

I learned a lot from my father, and I wrote about some of them in I Learned from my Dad...

My father's biography is in My Dad - Fred Seaver (1911-1983). I posted pictures of my dad and brothers in My Father and his Boys

My maternal grandfather's biography is in A Wondrous Life.

This is my 35th Father's Day as a parent, and each has been special. Our two daughters were darling children and are responsible adults, who have made wonderful families, and we love to visit with and be visited by them. We have one daughter and our two granddaughters here this weekend, and I've had a lot of quiet time holding, feeding, and singing to the littlest one, Audrey. She slept in my arms for an hour this morning while I read the paper and then read my email and blogs. Her older sister, Lauren, is a ball of fire and a lot of fun, and we play games and share treats with each other. Gee, I wonder if she wants another Hershey's kiss? Or just a Grandpa's kiss? Tough choice? Not for me, I have plenty of both - an endless supply!

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