Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, footnoteMaven has done it again - she told us not to read her post titled Do Not, I Repeat, do Not Read This Post. She links to a Dialectizer that turns written words into words written in several dialects - including Redneck, Moron, Jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, Sweidsh Chef, Pig Latin and Hacker.

I couldn't resist, of course, and dialectized my Geneaholic blog posts - here's yesterday's post.

Ondaymay, Ulyjay 7, 2008

Enealogygay Ournaljay - 07/07/08
Iyay ayedstay omehay odaytay otay ytray otay atchcay upyay onyay omesay enealogygay orkway. Audreyyay idn'tday akeway upyay untilyay 9:30, osay Iyay adhay ymay emailyay andyay ogsblay eadray, andyay asway almostyay oneday ithway ymay
"Ancestryyay Ensuscay Indexingyay errorsyay" ostpay enwhay utyday alledcay - otay oldhay erhay ilewhay Amitay ackedpay upyay. Eythay eftlay atyay 11, utbay Iyay otgay ymay ourhay ofyay ovinglay ayay 2-onthmay oldyay inyay. Iyay amecay ackbay otay ethay omputercay, andyay ostedpay "Ancay Youray Oftwaresay Oday Isthay? - Eriessay 3: AFPAY/AQyay" ourtesycay ofyay Amuratay Onesjay.

It will take some time for me to learn to write my blog posts in anything but Seaverspeak. What I really need is a reverse dialectizer that translates what I write into readable prose.

Thanks, footnoteMaven for another great time waster.

PS. wow - you should see what the spell-checker thought about this post!

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