Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wordle -- be creative!

OK, who got me hooked on Wordle? Was it Janet the Researcher? FootnoteMaven? Miriam Midkiff? Yep - all of the above, and more!

Here's my first attempt at a surname cloud - my ancestral names of course:

I tried to do a Genea-Musings cloud and it picked up words from the latest posts. As shown below:

Here's a prospective advertising Wordle for my genealogy cave:

The default is that the more times a word is used, the larger it will be in print. There is a choice of fonts and colors to choose from.

You can enter an URL for a blog or web site, or you can enter a series of words of your choice. The only way I've found to save the words of your choice is to copy them into a file before you create the Wordle graphic.

You have to save your Wordle to the Gallery in order to obtain the code to put it in your blog.

I didn't find an easy way to capture the image other than to do a screen capture.

FootnoteMaven suggested putting these on T-shirts. A person could use it to publicize their web site or company. A society could use it to publicize their resources or capabilities. Lots of possibilities here!

This is addictive... thanks to my fellow (hmmm, they're all female so far, what's the female complement to "fellow"?) genea-bloggers for making me spend a little time having fun.

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