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Everton's Genealogical Helper TOC - July/August 2008 Issue

The Table of Contents for the July/August 2008 issue of Everton's Genealogical Helper (Volume 62, Issue IV) includes:


* Musings and Gleanings from the World of History and Genealogy, by Richard Hooverson. Mr. Hooverson writes about pedigree collapse, the Gettysburg Reunion of 1913, Shire Reeves and Posses, Chicago Naturalization first papers, the Atomic bomb used on Japan in 1945, smallpox, as well as King Kong; and marital advice for 1846 - page 10

* One Old Letter—Wesley’s Legacy, by Alice L. Luckhardt. Alice writes about a stack of old letters that were about to go in the trash. It turns out that the Civil War story of Wesley Wagoner was found therein - page 16

* Quebec City Celebrates its 400th Anniversary, by Elizabeth Lapointe. Quebec City is 400 years old this year, celebrations are going on— and its history is fascinating! - page 22

* Finding the Missing Pieces of the Puzzle, by James Hibbard. This excellent article contains a case study in how to go about locating the data needed fill out the family history - page 26

* National and Statewide Name Lists of the Civil War Era 1861-1869, Part 11, by William Dollarhide. Bill concludes his series on the best sources for finding people during the Civil War period. Part Eleven deals with the states of Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming - page 34


* French Research: How to Search for Ancestors in France, by Catherine Clausse - page 52

* Germanic Research: Computer Translation of Old Church Book Entries: What Quality Can We Expect? by Roger P. Minert, Ph.D., A.G. - page 56

* Beginner’s Corner: Military Cemeteries Overseas, by Donna Potter Phillips. Donna covers the overseas military cemeteries and the American Battlefield Monument Commission site, - page 62

* The Next Generation: If Only I Could Ask Him, by Starr Hailey Campbell. Starr ponders the questions she never asked her grandfather - page 66

* News to Peruse: News briefs for genealogists. Leland provides a review of genealogy news, mainly from his blog posts - page 70

* Net Family History: More U.S. Digital Document Sites on the Internet, by Jeffrey A. Bockman. Jeff covers new database additions at many free and subscription web sites - page 87

* Your Family—Online & Linked? by Jeffrey A. Bockman. A list and short review of many family tree web sites and databases - page 98


The magazine also includes reviews of CD-ROMs, published books (usually with the introduction - you can learn a lot from this alone!), the Bureau of Missing Ancestors (queries submitted for publication), a calendar of upcoming genealogical events, and an every surname index. There are 180 pages in this issue.

Reading the magazine in PDF format on my computer screen is different from reading it in paper format. I like having it handy to read anytime - on either my desktop or laptop computer. The best thing I like about computer reading is that I can quickly click on a link on the page and have it appear on my browser.

A reader asked me in email why I post these Tables of Contents for magazines and journals. My answer is threefold:

* With few exceptions, the magazines and periodicals do not publish them online for potential readers to peruse. Frankly, I don't understand this - don't the magazines want to draw readers to their publication and sell more subscriptions?

* Listing an article in this way on my blog might help one of my readers find an articles that will help them in their genealogy research.

* I cannot keep track of what I read. I have piles of magazines and journals in my Genea-Cave, just sitting there waiting to fuel a massive fire, er, be read again. If I every have to survive by burning dead trees, I can go for months, I think. These blog articles remind me of what I have read and where I can find it. Of course, there's always PERSI. Do you know PERSI?

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I likewise use my blog to remind me of what I have read, records I have searched, and where I have found them!