Friday, July 25, 2008

"New England Ancestors" TOC - Summer 2008

The Summer 2008 issue (Volume 9, Number 3) of New England Ancestors, published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, arrived several weeks ago. Here is the Table of Contents for the articles and columns:


* A Guide to Genealogical Research in Maine, by Jamie Kingman Rice and Nicholas Noyes - page 19

* Two Maine Research Case Studies, by David Allen Lambert and Michael J. Leclerc - page 26

* Western Massachusetts Families in 1790, by Michael J. Leclerc and Christopher C. Child - page 29

* Northern New England Families in 1790 and 1791, by Lynn Betlock - page 32

* A Significant Migration from Wurttemberg to Franklin County, Massachusetts, by David J. Sautter - page 33

* Origins Revealed: My Grandfather's Hidden Jewish Identity, by Elise Kathleen Burgess - page 37

* On the Eve of Revolution: The Congregation of the Old North Church in 1775, by Rhonda R. McClure and D. Joshua Taylor - page 40


* Computer Genealogist: Finding Family Photos on the Internet, by Rhonda R. McClure - page 43

* Genetics & Genealogy: The DNA Study of Robert Pepper of Roxbury, by Connie Riley - page 48

* Manuscripts at NEHGS: La Roy's Troupe and Other Corporate Records, by Timothy G.X. Salls - page 50

* Diaries at NEHGS: Journey from Hamilton to the State of Ohio, by Temple Cutler, by Robert Shaw - page 52

* Tales from the Courthouse: The Case of the "Witching Rogues," by Diana Rapaport.

The Table of Contents for this issue of the magazine are online at

There are also Tables of Contents for several Volume 1 (2000), Volume 6 (2005), and all Volume 7, 8 and 9 issues at I'm not sure that non-members can see these pages or not.

It looks like the content for the feature articles and columns are available online for members since Volume 6 (2005). Note that these are individual articles and not the complete magazine.

I really enjoy reading this magazine because it provides "how-to" and repository summaries for one of my major areas of interest - New England. I was especially interested in the Maine articles in this issue, and the Western Massachusetts Families in 1790 project.

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