Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Obituary Links Page

In my new research project, I'm searching for death notices and obituaries in the 1920 to 1970 time frame. In the state of Georgia, which I know very little about.

I saw a description of www.ObitLinksPage.com in a recent magazine article, and thought I would investigate the resources there. The web site introduction says:

"Obitlinkspage.com was created to provide an easy to access State-by-State directory of obituaries and obituaries related resources. This site is focused on obituaries, their importance in genealogy, and finding vital records such as birth certificates, death records, divorce decrees, and marriage licenses.

"Finding obituaries can be difficult and we have developed this free site to help you find the obituaries, death records, birth certificates, and marriage records you will need. Because you should start at the city and state of the interested person when looking for obituaries and other vital records, this site is designed as a State-by-State Directory."

There is a map of the United States and you can click on the state of your choice. I chose Georgia. The Georgia page says:

"Below are obituary resource links organized by county. Please contact us if you would like to add your site. Looking for the obituary section for a local newspaper?

"Please search through our full list of Georgia Newspapers and access their online obituary sections. Click here to access Georgia Newspapers."

There is a list of statewide resources, and then resources by each county. The listed links are to obituaries, cemeteries, vital records indexes, and other databases on other web sites - such as www.Ancestry.com, USGenWeb Archives (www.USGEArchives.org), www.Legacy.com and many others, depending on the locality.

Unfortunately for me, Chattooga County GA has very little in the way of data online - only some limited cemetery listings. The statewide databases may be useful, though.

I think that this is a pretty useful web page. You can search in a specific state and/or county in a given state.



Thanks for highlighting this website. I had not used it previously. I found some broken links when I went to click on information for the Oklahoma portion of my clan. I have notified the administrator. I think it probably has to do with the rootsweb to ancestry address issue.

Also the Hayes Presidential Center's Obituary Index which is located in my home town of Fremont, Ohio has grown from the reported 420,000 to 1.3 million and encompasses much of NW Ohio along with pockets of other areas in Ohio. For anyone interested the map with locations of participating libraries is located at the bottom of this page: http://index.rbhayes.org/hayes/index/

MrDolomite said...

Thanks for posting the site.

I wasn't overly impressed by the Michigan listing, based on a quick random review. Many of them were just multi-site searches to other sites and I even found one, "Online Funeral Search" which was just a website place holder and possible scam site.

But when running into a wall, it is always a good thing to have a chance of finding a gem amongst the trash.