Thursday, August 7, 2008

Utah Genealogical Association conference - September 12-13, 2008

I was reading The Ancestry Insider today (every day, it's great material) and noted that he is speaking at the Utah Genealogical Association fall conference at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City on September 12-13, 2008. Being a curious type, I checked the links for the conference to see if his real name was listed on the program. It isn't. My guess is that almost everybody going to the conference already knows who he is, it's only his non-Utah readers who don't. I'm tempted to go to the conference just to get a picture of him...

The UGA Conference registration form is here, and the detailed program sschedule is here. What a great lineup of speakers and topics. Check it out. There are many speakers that have been below my radar, so to speak. I love hearing new-to-me speakers.

Now the only question I have is if I can make this conference on short notice. I'd hate to go just for the weekend and miss out on researching at the FHL. I could stay over another day or go a day or two ahead of the conference. The San Diego Genealogical Society has a research trip to the FHL from September 14-21, but I didn't sign up because I have to be back before the weekend because I have a commitment on 20 September. Hmmmm...... any other blogger going (I see Pat Richley and Michael John Neill are going to be presenters).

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