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The American Genealogist - October 2007 Issue Table of Contents

The October 2007 issue (Volume 82, number 4, published in August 2008, received in September 2008) of The American Genealogist (TAG) was full of interesting articles. Unfortunately, none of them were about my ancestors!

The Table of Contents includes:

* Richard Omohundro of Westmoreland County, Virginia, by Eric D. Grundset and Patricia Law Hatcher -- page 241

* Subscription Price Increase - page 249

* The Chaplin Family of Co. Suffolk: Ancestors of the Plumb and Parke Families of Connecticut, by Clifford L. Stott -- page 250

* Thomas Sharpe and Philip Watson Challis: Family Connections (Continued), by Glade Ian Nelson - page 261

* Permission to Speak Disorderly -- page 266

* Enigmas #24: Richard White of Huntington, Long Island, by David Kendall Martin -- page 267

* The Perry Family of Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire: Shared Ancestry of Six Massachusetts Immigrants: John Perry of Roxbury, Isaac Perry of Boston, Mary (Perry) Heath of Roxbury, Phebe (Perry) Desborough of Roxburey, John Reddington of Topsfield, and Abraham Reddington of Topsfield and Boxford (concluded) by William Wyman Fiske -- page 273.

* Joseph Taylor of Colchester, Connecticut: A Son of John Taylor, Sr. of Hebron, Connecticut, by Priscilla Noyes Chatfield -- page 290

* A Spectre, Shrouded Sable -- page 294

* The English Ancestry of John Gosse of Watertown, Massachusetts, and his Niece Sarah Caly, Wife of John Dillingham of Massachusetts, by Leslie Mahler -- page 295

* A Warning for Genealogical Authors -- page 307

* Nathan Rowley of Tioga County, Pennsylvania: Circumstantial Identification of Children Confirmed, by David M. Morehouse -- page 308

* Asa Bacon and the Shaking Quakers: Bacon Migration (1644-1850): Massachusetts-Connecticut-Massachusetts-New York-Indiana (concluded), by Ronald A. Hill - page 309.

* Contending for Church Seats (With Suitable Weapons) -- page 318

* Editorial Notes and Observations: Families as social units; New subscription prices; TAG's Schedule; Indexing TAG; Book reviews -- 319

* Book Reviews -- page 320

* Index for Volume 82, by John Bradley Arthaud -- page 321.

* Historical Note -- page 358


As always, this scholarly journal has many interesting articles. Even if they don't directly cover my family, I often find research methodology information in them, and I usually marvel at the good fortune and/or dogged dedication of these researchers and authors.

The subscription price increase will be:

* One year (four issues): $40 US
* Two years (eight issues): $70 US
* Three years (twelve issues): $100 US.

Most back issues are now priced at $10 US each.

The TAG web site is

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