Thursday, October 23, 2008

NGS Quarterly - September 2008 Table of Contents

The September 2008 issue (Volume 96, Number 3) of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly came several weeks ago in the mail. Here is the Table of Contents:


* Using Questionable Sources Productively: The Parents of Rial, Edwin and George Plummer of Alna, Maine, by George L. Findlen, PhD, CG -- page 165

* The Myth of Impossible Proof: Modern Genealogy Methods and a Holocaust Fraud, by Sharon E. Sergeant -- page 177

* Beyond the Basics: Identifying the Parents of Hannah (nee Curtin) Barry (c. 1850-1917), by Eileen Maloney Condon - page 193

* Finding Truth in Traditions: The Parents of Jennie Isabel (nee Mason) Topping of New York City and Hartford, Connecticut, by Laura Murphy DeGrazia, CG, and Wheaton G. Hudson -- page 211


* Dear "Master David": A Letter from an African-American in the Confederate Service, by Bryna C. O'Sullivan - page 223

REVIEWS - page 233


The highlight of this issue was the Sharon Sergeant article about the Holocaust Hoax. Sharon documents her work extremely well and built an airtight case that proved that Misha DeFonseca was not a Jewish child with a forgotten surname or raised by wolves.

The NGS Quarterly is online in PDF form as a Member benefit at There appears to be a Certificate Error, at least for me. I had to take the chance that the site didn't have a virus problem.

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