Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We're off on our vacation

Linda and I are Leaving On a Jet Plane (all my bags are packed...), heading off for New York, New York (start spreadin' the news...).

On Sunday, we'll join up with a Sea Cruise (oo-whee baby) out of Brooklyn on the Caribbean Princess cruise ship along with the other lucky folks attending the Wholly Genes Conference and Cruise. We will visit St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Thomas and Puerto Rico on this cruise, winding up in San Juan on Sunday, 2 November. We will fly home on 5 November (assuming the election results, or worse, don't ground airplanes). You can see where the Caribbean Princess currently is located on the Bridge-Cam here.

The Wholly Genes Conference schedule is described here. There are three full days of classes provided by an excellent faculty. In addition, some cruise days have hosted breakfasts with the conference faculty and Wholly Genes staff, and some days there are one-on-one consultation with the faculty. I'm really looking forward to meeting and hearing some of the excellent speakers in the genealogy world. It should be fun. I love to attend classes and talk to genealogists, and Linda likes to swim and talk to everybody, so this is kind of a great opportunity to have some fun. Of course, it will be warm in the Caribbean (we just hope that there are no hurricanes to spoil the trip, although more days at sea might be fun with the conference folks!).

I expect to have Internet access at our hotels in New York City (Wednesday to Sunday) and in San Juan (Sunday to Wednesday), but not on the cruise ship (Sunday to Sunday). Therefore, I've prepared a slim menu of blogs to post while I'm gone, which I hope to embellish with details when I have the opportunity - either during the cruise or afterwards. Never fear - Genea-Musings will be here...just on automatic pilot some days.


Jasia said...

Bon Voyage Randy! I hope you and Linda have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Two of my favorite things ~ cruises and conferences! Have a super time, Randy!