Wednesday, October 8, 2008

CVGS Research Group Summary - 8 October 2008

We had ten genealogy researchers at the monthly CVGS Research Group today, and everybody shared their activities over the past month and what they hope to accomplish in the next month. Randy discussed the newspaper article about the putative President of America and the Genealogy News of the Month before we went around the table.

* Dave took Randy's advice from last month - and put aside his Lehr family search frustrations to work on his paternal grandparent's ancestry. He created a short report for his grandfather's family, identifying 21 people in a 1928 family photograph. He did it for his paternal grandmother's family too - a photograph with the people clearly identified.

* Dick bought Family Tree Maker 2009 from Ancestry, and when he installed it he lost his FTM 16 icon and gained over 100 desktop icons. His wife finally found his FTM 16 database so he can start working in FTM 2009. He received a Final Payment work Sheet from NPRC for his aunt the WAC in World War II.

* Phyllis has been stuck on her Crowley brick wall. The group suggested that she research another family so that she can make progress on her research.

* Shirley B. received a lead on her great-grandmother's maiden name, and will research it. She is waiting for DNA results from ancestry for her Wright cousin in Texas. Back in 1999, a cousin sent over 100 pages of Siver/Sypher information that she rediscovered in her re-organization efforts. Recently, she received several wills and deeds from another cousin that she is going to transcribe.

* Virginia swabbed her cheek and sent her mitochondrial DNA sample to Ancestry. She also received information from a contact after correcting her mother's 1930 census entry.

* Art had an "oh boy" experience - he discovered ten generations of ancestors in his family lines on Ancestry in the Drouin Collection (Quebec church records). He is capturing both the Ancestry summary and the handwritten record image. He's having a great time reading the French entries, and looks forward to many more family lines to find.

* Shirley H. is helping a friend in Tennessee find records for her birth parents. They know the parents names, but the records are inconsistent. An RAOGK volunteer found a cemetery record for the father and is looking for newspaper records. They have her birth record, her father's SS5 and military enlistment and discharge records, but not a marriage record or census records.

* Dearl is having a good time learning his way around his new computer and Windows Vista, and is trying to find his genealogy data salvaged by the Geek Squad. He will load his FTM soon and start working in that.

* John received a birth record from the English civil Registry after sending away for it to an agent. He's ordering two marriage records now. While recovering from his operation, he signed up for's pay-per-view service and has found some English census images for his grandkids English ancestry.

* Randy shared the newspaper article about his mother's baby shower, his GeneTree mitochondrial DNA results, and progress on his Project M research for his friend - he received an SS5 application and wrote letters to Ed's siblings asking for information about Ed's father.

We even took a picture of the group for the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe blog page! The Genea-blogger Gnome was there too.

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