Monday, October 6, 2008

Who are my German-born Ancestors?

Jessica Oswalt on the Jessica's GeneJournal blog says that Monday, 6 October, is German-American Day, so I thought I would list my German-born (well, those born where present-day Germany exists) ancestors:

* CARRINGER - I believe that Martin Carringer (1758-1835) was born in Pennsylvania, but I am sure that his parents were German-born.

* DINKEL -- Dorothea Dinkel (1748 Germany - 1835 PA) was the daughter of Johann Daniel and Maria Ursula (von Ernest) Dunckel/Dinkel and the wife of Rudolf spengler (1738 PA - 1811 PA).

* SPENGLER - Johann Balthazar Spengler (1706 Weyler, Hilksbach, Rhine - 1765 PA), son of Hans Rudolf and Marie (Saeger) Spengler.

* RITTER - Magdalena Ritter (1706 Germany - 1784 PA), wife of Johann Balthazar Spengler.

* DUNCKEL - Johann Daniel Dunckel (???? Germany-1755 PA).

* VON ERNEST - Maria Ursula Von Ernest (1713 Colmar, Alsace - 1793 PA), married Johann Daniel Dunckel.

* KING - Philip Jacob King (1738 Germany-1792 PA), son of Nicholas and Margaret (--?--) King, married to Maria Barbara Wilhelm.

* SPENGLER - Hans Rudolf Spengler (???? Germany - ????), married to Marie Saeger.

* KING - Nicholas King (???? Germany - 1776 PA), married to Margaret --?-- (????-1771 PA).

*ABLE - Michael Able (1719 Germany - 1791 NJ), son of Andreas and Maria (--?--) Able, married to Christina --?-- (????-1804 NJ).

* ABLE -- Andreas Able (???? Germany - 1751 NJ), married to Maria --?-- (????-1771 NJ).

* TRIMMER -- Johannes Trimmer (???? Feldkirchen, Palatinate-1749 NJ).

* NACHBAR -- Johann Leonhard Nachbar (1700 Hinzweiler, Palatinate), son of Thomas and Elisabetha Margaretha (--?--) Nachbar. Married to Maria Margaretha --?--,(1698 Germany - 1770 NJ)

* ZAVERING -- Frederick Zavering/Sovereign (1715 Germany-1805 Ontario), married Ann Waldruff (1738 Germany-1768 NJ).

* PICKEL/BICKEL - Johan Balthasar Pickel (1687 Hartenburg, ??- 1765 NJ), married Anna Gertrude Teiterin (1684 Germany - 1761 NJ).

* REIFFENBURG - Johann Georg Reiffenburg (Flammersbach, Germany - ???? NY?) married Maria Elisabetha Deiken.

* KELLER - Christian Keller (???? Germany? - 1710 NY), married to Anna Margaretha.

* PROPER - Johann Just Proper (1679 Germany? - ???? NY), married to Anna Elisabetha.

There are several other family names that are probably of German origin - FEATHER/FETTER, ROW/RAU, HOUX/HOKES/HOUKS, etc. I have not been able to connect them to a German-born immigrant.

As you can see, all of my German immigrants are from the 17th and 18th centuries - the last German-born immigrant may have been around 1750.

I have not done any research on these families of my own - I have found, reviewed and used research on most of these families obtained from published books and other researchers. Considering that ALL of my ancestry - both my father's side and my mother's side - immigrated to New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, I think it's amazing that I don't have any more recent German-born ancestors. Frankly, I feel cheated!

If you have more information on any of these German-born immigrants to America, I would love to hear from you.

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Anonymous said...

King isn't an German name.

King is probably the anglicised form of König, sometimes spelling Koenig for lack of an umlaut.
Once you know that, a little googling and combining of various sources finds that Philip Jacob King was married to Maria Catharina Ziegler before he married Maria Barbara Wilhelm, and that his parents are John Nicholas Koenig & Maria Margaretha Stuber.

John Nicholas Koenig, b. 18 May 1707 in Edenkoben, d. 29 Mar 1776 York County, Pennsylvania
son of Paul Koenig
m. 19 Jun 1735 Edenkoben
Maria Margaretha Stuber
c. 30 Nov 1702, Herren-Sulzbach, Germany

"John Nicholas Koenig" is half-anglisised, the original is probably Johann Niklaus König.
Google for both Niklaus and Nicolaus, and you find the passenger list with six children as the first bit of proof for all this :-)

List 189 C] Ketty (Snow)
Captain: Theophilus Barnes
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Portsmouth
Arrival: Philadelphia, 16 Oct 1752

Johann Nicolaus König, 45
Maria Margaretha (Stuber)
Gottfried, 24
Johann Peter, 21
Anna Elisabeth, 15
Philipp Jacob, 13
Johann Wilhelm, 7
Maria Barbara, 2

- Tamura