Friday, October 31, 2008

My Genealogy Plan for Friday, 31 October

Happy Hallowe'en, readers! Boo from the eastern Caribbean on the Wholly Genes Conference aboard the Caribbean Princess. We are on our way to Antigua. Here is my genealogy plan for today:

7:00 am - there are hosted breakfasts with several of the conference speakers in Cafe Fusion - I didn't sign up for any of them. Maybe I'll try to crash one of them, or meet with newly made friends.

8:00 am - the ship docks in Antigua. We signed up for a tour and beach visit.

6:00 pm - the ship leaves Antigua.

6:15 pm - "Virtual Cousin Research Project" by Cyndi Howells in Club Fusion.

9:30 pm - Group Discussion on "DNA Research and Suggestions" by David Allen Lambert in Club Caribe.

10:30 pm - go to my room and try to figure out what I want to discuss on my one-on-ones tomorrow night!

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Dan Lynch said...

Ouch, each post with a wonderfully warm port of call and a day full of genealogy is another turn of the knife in our wound. Some of us are experiencing cool, damp, New England fall with frost on our windshields. Enjoy - keep the updates coming!!