Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Genealogy Plan for Thursday, 30 October

We will dock today at 8 am in St. Kitts in the eastern Caribbean. But the Wholly Genes Conference on the Caribbean Princess is not over - the tourist part begins! Here are my plans for the day:

7:00 am - there are hosted breakfasts with several of the conference speakers in Cafe Fusion - I didn't sign up for any of them. Maybe I'll try to crash one of them, or meet with newly made friends.

8:00 am - the ship docks in St. Kitts, and everybody really wants to get off. We signed up for a tour and beach visit.

6:00 pm - the ship leaves St. Kitts.

6:15 pm - "Plotting, Scheming and Mapping Online" by Cyndi Howells in Club Fusion.

9:30 pm - Group Discussion on "Atlantic Canadian Records" by David Allen Lambert in Club Caribe.

I hope I'm not too tired or sunburned from the day in the tropical sun to attend the lecture and the group discussion.

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