Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday on the TMG Cruise

We took a car to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal at noon, arriving at the terminal by 12:30. We quickly checked the luggage and registered for the cruise, then waited in the entry hall. Since Linda had her walker, we were the first ones up the gangplank and had our pictures taken in our Geneaholic shirts. We went up to our room on the 14th deck, freshened up, and went up to the Lido deck and had lunch. Conference registration was between 2 and 4, and we met a number of conferees there. I talked to Bob Velke and he said there were about 200 for the conference (which includes non-genealogy spouses, I think). Here's the only picture I got of the Sunday TMG events - it's the registration table:

I went down to the room and watched some of the Chargers game, while Linda checked out the pool area. We met for the emergency briefing at 4:15, then came back to the room, and went to an early dinner. We have the Anytime plan, where we can go to several dining rooms and eat when we want to. We met some interesting people and had a good discussion at dinner.

We were late to the TMG Welcome Cocktail Party but we spent some time talking to Dick Eastman, who shared some of the TMG cruise history. We stayed late talking to some folks from Tucson. We went back to the room to watch the baseball game, and at 9:30 I went up to CafĂ© Caribe for David Lambert’s round table talk about military records. Craig Scott shared quite a bit also, and between the two of them answered many questions from the floor. I talked to Claire afterward about Philadelphia records that my colleague Joan is seeking – Claire had some good suggestions. Then it was bedtime on our rockin’ ship – we’re in the top aft portion, and the motion is disconcerting – some side-to-side and some up-and-down – no pitching or rolling, though.

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