Friday, November 28, 2008

More Interviews from RootsTelevision

As I suspected during the Wholly Genes Conference and Cruise, Dick Eastman and Megan Smolenyak were busy during the seven days on the cruise ship making videos for RootsTelevision of some of the speakers and attendees on the cruise. They include:

* John Titford - who gave two presentations on research in England, and is a really funny guy!

* Craig Scott - who gave two presentations on military records, and is President and CEO of Heritage Books, Inc.

* Cyndi Howells - who gave presentations on maps and creating family web sites, and is the web-mistress of

* John Grenham - who gave two presentations on Irish research

* Elizabeth Shown Mills - who gave two presentations on methodology, and is a highly respected author and researcher.

* Buzzy Jackson - who gave no presentations, but has a really intriguing book coming out in 2010. I wish that I had talked with her during the cruise.

I've watched and listened to all of these videos now, and am still impressed by all of these people. This was a really good collection of speakers on the conference and cruise. These videos are excellent vehicles to "meet" and "hear" some of the most informed, interesting and well-known people in the genealogy industry.

If more videos from the cruise come along on RootsTelevision, I will add them to this list.
Are you watching RootsTelevision on a regular basis? You should - it's FREE, educational and often humorous.

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