Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Microsoft's Deep Zoom Technology Demonstration

Sean Sexton, who writes the Sean on Family History blog has two very interesting blog posts this week --

* Deep Zooming Into a Family Photo, which describes the problems with posting photographs on the Internet - and a solution to it that can be downloaded from Microsoft.

* John Sexton, Zooming Into a Life which demonstrates how the Microsoft Deep Zoom technology. Sean provides some step-by-step directions, and then asks his readers to go on a "treasure hunt" and "trivia chase" within his collage.

Sean has posted a collage of 191 scanned or digitized photographs of his father's life - a file that is 1.44 mb. But using the Deep Zoom technology, the viewer can see much finer resolution in each individual photograph.

This process does require the user to download the Microsoft Silverlight program, but it downloads and installs easily.

Please read all of Sean's two posts - they are really interesting. I'm sure some of our photo mavens can find many good reasons to use this technology, and, hopefully, will tell us about it.

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