Wednesday, November 26, 2008

FamilySearch Research Wiki is growing

One of the additions to the LDS New FamilySearch is the Research Wiki for Family History located at The guiding policy for the Research Wiki says (in part):

"In conjunction with the mission of FamilySearch, the Research Wiki is a collaborative, shared-knowledge project designed to encourage and eventually enable all people to find their ancestors. The Research Wiki uses collaboration tools to form a community for sharing knowledge from which users may gather needed information to help locate and use records about ancestors. Ancestral research requires extensive knowledge of cultures and historical sources specific to each region, and each ethnic, religious, or political group. Such information is often written in a foreign language. Expertise on those various cultures and historical sources may be widespread and varied. Through collaboration, sharing, open-edit, and forums the community can build enough high-quality knowledge to help more family history researchers."

There is a Getting Started page that provides information on Principles of Family History Research, Research Analysis, Organization and Documentation, and Helpful Articles. There are links to wiki tutorials, glossaries, and to other online genealogy research tutorials.

On the main Wiki page, there is a search box. If you type in a state or country, you receive a list of the Wiki articles pertaining to that locality. For instance, I typed in "new jersey" and received a list of 193 wiki pages. I clicked on the first one, which was for "New Jersey," and the information portal for New Jersey opened. The page provides a list of counties (each of which has its own wiki page), a list of topics (e.g., American Indians, Archives and Libraries, Bible Records, Biographies, Cemeteries, etc.) and Research Tools.

Many of the county pages for many states have very little information on them at this time. There is a need for knowledgeable researchers to add information about genealogy research and repository holdings in the counties.

In the long term, this Research Wiki will replace all of the printed and online Family History Library Research Guides (available here) and permit much more information about how and where to perform genealogy research in every locality.

This is already a wonderful genealogy research resource - and it will only get better over the years as more content is provided. Make it a Bookmark/Favorite now and use it frequently!

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