Thursday, December 18, 2008

Famous People in the Census

I always enjoyed browsing through Michael John Neill's web page at showing records of famous people, and tried to participate in some of his reward searches for people that he couldn't find. Then TGN/ "requested" that he take the census images down from his web page and he did.

Well, Famous People in the Census is alive and kicking on Michael's new blog, appropriately titled Famous People in the Census! Michael is posting image snippets found on non-TGN web sites (think FamilySearch, footnote, and HeritageQuestOnline) of famous people. Of course, he knows where to look!

I'm happy to see Michael doing this, and will enjoy reading the posts every day/week. Michael is still posting census snippets from for his personal research on his blog, which is allowable per the TGN Terms and Conditions.


Dan Lynch said...

Yeah! This is fun stuff and there are indeed other sources for census sheets which can be among the most entertaining at times! Even my 12-year old daughter enjoyed searching for funny names a couple years ago while home sick from school.

I've had a Celebrity Census site up for a few years at, but haven't ever had time to keep up with the site as I envisioned. My favorite part was the Presidential Census page . . . but as I go to check it right now, I see that server is down. Ughhh....that's the problem with too many servers. I'll get it fixed after this post.

Dan Lynch said...

Ooops - I should have posted this link too for U.S. Presidents in the Census. I'm ready to add Obama, but out of respect, will wait until Jan. 20th. Not that it will matter - it will be a few decades before we can see Obama or Bush in a census.

Bubba said...

Thanks for mentioning our resurrected famous census site. We (translation--I) are slowly adding images to this site. We are also contemplating resurrecting our famous search contests as well as apparently more people played them than I originally thought. Michael