Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grnea-Santa is on the road

What did you expect? For Genea-Santa to stay home in his cozy igloo and not distribute the genealogy gifts that all of the genea-bloggers desire? Of course, the issue is "have they been naughty or nice genea-bloggers?" Did they rant about databases and web sites, confuse readers, muck up their software reviews, or taunt their genealogy friends and colleagues? Did they post almost every day to keep their daily visits and page views up and up and up, not to mention the interest of their readers? Only Genea-Santa knows! He has some lumps of coal handy... and some neat surprises too, but the genea-bloggers will have to really search for them.

Actually, Linda and I are leaving Saturday morning to drive to Monte Rio to visit Linda's brother and his family, then to Santa Cruz to visit daughter Lori and her family (little boys aged 5 and almost 3), and to Victorville to visit daughter Tami and her family (little girls almost 4 and 8 months). Grandma and grandpa love to visit and watch the little ones in their native habitat and marvel at the energy and enthusiasm. We'll be in Santa Cruz on Christmas morning to watch the great gift opening frenzy, followed by playing with every gift within an hour or two. We should be home by New Year's Eve. The Lincoln is all tuned up, packed to the gills with presents, and ready for the 1,500 mile round trip. Thank goodness gas prices are down to about 33% of the prices from last summer.

I will have the laptop with me, and anticipate being able to read email, blogs and the Internet while at the family homes. I may post some notes, but then I may not! I have written some blog posts for the next ten days - enjoy!

Never fear - the blog posts will continue until the genealogy industry is perfect.

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Anonymous said...

> the blog posts will continue until the genealogy industry is perfect.

One small question about that: where did you obtain that eternal life elixir?