Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Making history personal" article about Bob Velke

Megan Smolenyak posted a link on Facebook to a Baltimore Sun story titled "Making history personal" by Janene Holzberg, dated 18 December 2008, that tells the story of how Bob Velke started and developed The Master Genealogist.

There are three excellent photographs of Bob at his desk (I wish mine was that clean), his family tree, and a closeup of some books and a CDROM.

Some quotes from the article and photos:

""Every family's got a genealogist," says Bob Velke, president of Wholly Genes, a genealogical software company that had its genesis in Oregon in the 1980s.

"Nearly half of all Americans list genealogy as a hobby," says Bob Velke, who lives in Columbia.

"Part of the attraction [of genealogy] lies in the hunt, and the hunt can go on forever," says Bob Velke. "You're never done."

This is an excellent article promoting genealogy research - look for a Velke-alanche at the Baltimore area genealogy societies and for TMG orders.

Thanks to Megan for the link.

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Unknown said...

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