Friday, December 12, 2008

Genealogy Metrics - does it have your number?

Genea-Musings has occasionally posted traffic statistics for genealogy web sites and blogs - see here and here for the latest.

David Lifferth alerted me via email to his web site which is keeping a monthly count (I think!) of the top genealogy web sites, in terms of traffic ranking relative to the entire Internet.

There are listings for:

* Top Genealogy Web Sites (Quantcast rankings) - top 8
* All Genealogy/Family History sites (Alexa rankings) - Top 9
* US Top 15 Web Sites (Alexa rankings)
* UK Top 9 Genealogy/Family History web sites (Alexa rankings)
* Europe Top 3 Genealogy/Family History web sites (Alexa rankings)
* Canada Web Sites (Alexa Rankings)
* International Web Sites (Alexa Rankings)
* Top Genealogy Blogs (Alexa rankings, but the list doesn't include URLs that contain a Blogspot domain name or other URLs that cannot be quantified)
* Top Genealogy software sold by Amazon
* Top Genealogy Books sold by Amazon

There are also links for Blogs, Groups (discuss web sites or blogs), Events, a Discussion Forum, a Member List, personal member pages, and a place to invite others to join the Genealogy Metrics network.

This site is FREE to join. Once you have joined, you can update your profile with a picture, some personal description, etc. just like a blog. You can write posts in a personal blog environment, although my guess is that the blog topics might focus on the genealogy industry and traffic rankings.

According to the blog rankings, Illya D'Addezio's leads (although it is much more than a blog site), Dick Eastman's is second, third, followed by,, (also more than a blog), and As mentioned above, the rankings do not include URLs that are on a site like Blogger, WordPress, etc., so take them with a large grain of salt.

The top 9 genealogy/family history web sites by Alexa rankings?


Thanks to David Lifferth for creating a quick, easy-to-use web site that reveals traffic information about genealogy web sites, and a forum to discuss them.

UPDATE: 12/14/08: I messed up the most important thing in this post - the link to Genealogy Metrics! Thank you to Daniel Horowitz of for his comment noting the error. The correct URL is (which I've corrected in the original post).

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