Saturday, December 27, 2008

Table of Contents of NGS Magazine - October-December 2008

The Table of Contents of the October-December 2008 issue of the NGS Magazine (Volume 34, Number 4), published by the National Genealogical Society, includes:

page 8 - 2008 NGS Home Study Course Scholarship Winner, by Lynda Childers Suffridge

page 9 - Win a trip to the next NGS conference, by Carmen J. Finley, PhD, CG

page 10 - NGS is looking for the next generation of genealogists, by Patricia Walls Stamm, CG, CGL

page 12 - The Building of a Nation: From Roanoke to the West, by Phyllis Matthews Ziller, MLIS

page 15 - Filby Prize winner David C. Dearborn, by Henry B. Hoff, CG, FASG

page 16 - Preserving old Texas records, by Robert de Berardinis

page 20 - Case study: Anna Mary's husbands, by Kathy Gunter Sullivan, CG

page 22 - The Last Lecture, by Mark Tucker

page 24 - Riding the roller coaster of post-adoption research, by Debbie Mieszala, CG

page 28 - Locating the first courthouse of Charles County, Maryland, by Diane L. Giannini, CG

page 32 - Surname spelling variations, by David W. Webster, FSA Scot

page 35 - They went west: Colonial and territorial records, by Diane Vanskiver Gagel

page 41: Column - National Archives: New Orleans slave manifests, 1807-60, by Claire Prechtel-Kluskens

page 46 - Column - Beginning genealogy: Recording life stories before it's too late, by Gary M. and Diana Crisman Smith

page 50 - Case study: Living a double life, Cyrus Townsend of Peekskill, New York and Pittsburgh, by Rebecca Rector, MLS

page 55 - Call for papers - Salt Lake City

page 56 - Column - Software review: Review of Legacy 7.0, by Barbara Schenck

page 59 - Column - Technology: Saving the planet one family tree at a time, by Drew Smith, MLS

page 62 - Column - Writing family history - An old friend, the Ozarks, and Rising's masterpiece, by Harold E. Hinds, Jr., PhD

This publication changed its name from the NGS NewsMagazine to the NGS Magazine, which makes a lot of sense. This issue has excellent articles - I especially like the columns and the case studies in this issue.

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