Friday, December 26, 2008

Table of Contents for Family Tree Magazine - January 2009

The Table of Contents for the January 2009 issue (Volume 10, number 1) of Family Tree Magazine includes:


page 20 - Power Hour: Pull up a chair and partake of these 14 genealogy jobs you can do on your lunch break, by David A. Fryxell

page 26 - Writing Riddles: Are faded ink, strange words or convoluted script concealing ancestral answers in your family papers? Solve eight penmanship puzzles with our tips, by Fern Glazer.

page 42 - Family History Fiesta: Seeking your roots south of the border? Our guide to Mexican genealogy will help you celebrate new ancestral discoveries, by David A. Fryxell

page 48 - Your Guide to Google: Genealogy and Google go hand in hand - and not just for ancestor searches. Try these 13 tricks to master the Web giant's other handy family history features, by Allison Stacy.

page 54 - Getting the Message: Let's talk about how your ancestors kept in touch - and how to uncover the records their communication methods left behind, by Maureen A. Taylor.


page 4 - Out on a Limb: Holding a candle to history. By Allison Stacy.

page 5 - Making Connections: Readers respond to Family Tree Magazine.

page 8 - Branching Out: What's new in discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history, including how libraries plan for natural disasters; Family Tree Maker 2009; our Difference Maker of the year; America's first national Hispanic lineage society. Edited by Diane Haddad.

page 14 - History Matters: Gauging the development of thermometers. By David A. Fryxell

page 18 - Now What?: Our experts answer your questions about veteran's graves and illegitimate children.

page 33 - State Research Guides: Essential facts, advice and resources you need to find your family anywhere in the country. In this issue: West Virginia and South Dakota.

page 58 - Preserving Memories: Pointers for saving needlepoint. Edited by Grace Dobush.

page 60 - Everything's Relative: Tales from the lighter side of family history.

page 64 - Brick Wall Busters: Filling up the tank with research ideas. By Sharon DeBartolo Carmack.

page 66 - The Toolkit: Reviews and roundups of the latest, greatest family history resources: FamilySearch's Record Search Pilot Site; Video camera buying guide; Help Googling historical images; The Book Report. Edited by Allison Stacy.

page 72 - Uprooted: Test your genealogy IQ on William and John Kellogg's family tree. By Sharon DeBartolo Carmack.

This issue is chock full of helpful research tips and web sites. The Feature articles were all timely, and I loved the map of Mexico the list of records available online.

I don't see the link to the PDF document that lists all of the web site links mentioned in this issue. This feature must have disappeared with the revamp of the Family Tree Magazine web site.

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