Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Night Fun - Tell me a Genealogy Joke

I am such a bad joke teller. I have to write them down and read them in order to remember them. It's not the joke's fault - I don't learn well by hearing things.

I told three genealogy jokes today at my presentation in Escondido today. People laughed, but they knew that they weren't my own material. It's obvious that I need more material. And maybe I can memorize them if they are short enough.

In order to help me prepare for any future "Genealogy is Fun! Seriously!" presentation, your Saturday Night Fun assignment, should you choose to accept it (please, please, please me!), is to tell me (and the readers) a genealogy joke. Not a tag line, not a funny name or an epitaph, a real genealogy joke. From whatever source you may find. Or make one up yourself.

I, and my future audiences, will appreciate it!


Abba-Dad said...

Overheared at an FHL center:

Researcher 1: I'm having such a hard time finding this family.
Researcher 2: What is the family name?
R1: Smith
R2: And their first names?
R1: John, Mary, James, William, Elizabeth, Margaret and Robert.
R2: Sorry...

(I suck at writing jokes)

Terri said...

"Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts."
Author: Unknown