Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Free eBook - "How to Use Technology to Strengthen Family Ties"

Robert Dunford has published a free eBook titled How to Use Technology to Strengthen Family Ties. His web site is There is a link on the web site to enable downloading of the book in PDF form (you input your email address, receive the email, click the link, and download it -45 pages, about 1.3 mb).

What is the book about?

"This free eBook presents Ten Tools of Technology to Strengthen Family Ties. It discusses in simple terms the strengths and weaknesses of each tool, describes how each compares with other tools, clarifies how to evaluate each tool for adoption or rejection by your family, and gives practical, easy-to-understand examples of how to put each tool to use."

The Ten Tools are:

* Tool #1: Blogs
* Tool #2: CDs/DVDs of family memories
* Tool #3: Email newsletters
* Tool #4: DVD slideshows with music
* Tool #5: On-demand book printing
* Tool #6: Online meeting services
* Tool #7: Private websites
* Tool #8: Videos
* Tool #9: Online family meetings
* Tool #10: Family organizations

I downloaded the book and read it this morning. It is an easy read, with many visuals, and a scorecard for each of the ten Tools of Technology. There is not a lot of detail discussing each Tool - just the basics of the tool, the benefit of using it, and a brief how-to with links to web pages if applicable.

Mr. Dunford has provided an excellent guidebook for helping families connect to, and stay connected to, each other.

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Robert Dunford said...

Thank you for your comments, Randy. 'Glad you liked it. My sons and I had fun putting the book together.

You must have a pretty loyal following. Your recommendation resulted in a surge of visitors and downloads from the site.

We hope that folks will actually TRY some of the tools. They have been real blessings to our family.

Best wishes and keep up the good work,


Rob Dunford