Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 FamilySearch Developer's Conference Recordings

Several genealogy bloggers wrote about the 2009 FamilySearch Developer's Conference held in Provo, Utah on 11 March 2009. See The Ancestry Insider's collection of posts (not all on the DevCon) and I know that there are others, but I don't recall where I saw them.

The Developer's Conference sessions provided information about the current status and future development of new FamilySearch. There are PowerPoint presentations with the voice-over recordings at the FamilySearch Developer Network site here. The recorded lectures with slides include:

* Conference Kick-off, by Gordon Clarke "The Catalyst for Interconnectivity"

* Standards Authorities API, by Mark Ward

* Cocoa Objective-C (FS-Kit), by Logan Allred

* Catalog API (GenSeek.com), by Brett Stubbs

* Record Search API, by Robert Lee

* Ruby (ruby-fs-api, fs-stack), by Jimmy Zimmerman

* Timeline API, by Tom Welch

* Family Tree API Introduction, by Brian Corrales

* Family Tree Flex Framework and Components, by Tim Cross and Jason Butterfield

* Family Tree "Down and Dirty," by Ryan Heaton

* The Interoperable Citation Exchange (ICE) Initiative, by Robert Raymond

* FS Mapping and FS Research Wiki API, by Scott Hall and Jimmy Zimmerman

There are other presentations, some without slides, some with no audio.

I jumped through several of these presentations (you can click on the Time bar below the slide to advance in the presentation). The one on GenSeek was interesting and provided more detail than I've seen previously. The ICE presentation was all about putting standardized source citations into the FamilySearch databases.

Listener be warned - these are highly technical, "inside computer programming" presentations and may not be interesting to Internet consumers but may be real interesting to programmers.

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