Friday, March 27, 2009's Great Depression Collection - Post 3: Footnote Pages Details

In Post 1: First Views, I discussed the new Great Depression collection. The centerpiece of this collection is the 1930 United States Census. In Post 2:The 1930 Census, I searched for my father in the 1930 US Census and showed the Search process and results.

On the last screen of Post 1, the popup box has a "View Person Page" link. I clicked on the link, and the Footnote Page for Frederick W. Seaver, based on the 1930 US Census information, appeared (two screens):

Note that there is a timeline (with significant events and my father's events), a listing of Facts for this person (two sets - one for the person and one for the 1930 census, but they can be edited), a map of the location in the 1930 US census, an area for stories and comments, and links for "Related Pages" and "inks."

I had already added to the Footnote Page for my father when Footnote created a page based on the Social Security Death Index information. I wanted to merge the two footnote Pages into one, if possible.

I clicked on the "Add Page" button by the "Related Pages" area, and a dialog box opened. I entered my father's name in the "Search for a person" area:

I clicked on the "Search Footnote Pages" button and this dialog box opened:

That is the page that Footnote created previously and that I added information to. I clicked on my dad's name and this dialog box appeared:

I clicked on the button for "Is Same Person." That added each Footnote Page to the other Footnote Page in the "Related To" area.

There are still two Footnote Pages and I don't think that there is any way to merge them, at least not yet.

I'm not quite sure how to attach the 1930 US Census page to the Footnote Page - other than to Save the census image to my hard drive, and then upload it to the Footnote Page. I could upload it to both of them.

I am a BIG fan of Footnote Pages. They are a form of wiki where people can view them, edit them, and add to them in a collaborative way. With Footnote Pages created from the SSDI, the World War II enlistments and now the 1930 US Census, there must be close to 200 million Footnote Pages just waiting for all of us to work on them.

Before I add more information about my ancestors to the Footnote Pages created from the 1930 US Census, I want to wait to see if can find a way to combine the Pages created from the three different "seedings." I have several more generations of people in the 1930 US Census and can add to the created Footnote Pages.

I encourage other researchers to add information to, or create, Footnote Pages for their ancestors and relatives. It's a great way to add content, and can serve as a photo repository that should endure for awhile.

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