Monday, March 23, 2009

CVGS Program on 25 March - "Using Federal Non-Population Census Schedules"

The next program meeting of the Chula Vista Genealoigical Society is Wednesday, 25 March, at 12 noon in the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library auditorium. Everett Ireland, CG, will present "Using Federal Non-Population Census Schedules."

The program description:

Where does one find non-population schedules and what do they tell us about our ancestors? These are typically referred to as “Occupational Schedule of the Federal Censuses: Agriculture, Industrial and Manufacturing, Mining and Fisheries.” Many of these original schedules from 1850 to 1880 are hard to locate and have been lost or destroyed over the years.

Those remaining are valuable additions to the facts about our ancestor’s lives. In 1918, they were given to State archives, historical societies and universities for preservation. The National Archives has attempted to microfilm as many of as possible to make them available to the public.

The speaker's Curriculum Vitae:

Everett Ireland has been an active genealogist for over 20 years and serves in several genealogical organizations. He is a past member of the Board of Trustees of APG, and currently is a member of the Board of Directors of the NGS. He has lectured at national conferences, and at genealogical society meetings and seminars in Southern California and the Midwest.

Mr. Ireland has published articles and reviews in genealogical publications, both locally and nationally on a variety of topics, including new technology for genealogical research, use of DNA and non-population census schedules.

Professionally, after receiving a degree in Engineering Physics from the U of Michigan, Everett had a career as a government scientist in the field of military command and control systems. He has been a Certified Genealogist since 1993 and specializes in Southern California and Midwest America genealogy.

Please enter the auditorium through the Conference Room off the east library hallway in order to register your attendance, pick up handouts, buy an opportunity drawing ticket, and have a snack. There will be a brief business meeting before the speaker's presentation.

CVGS welcomes guests and visitors to all of its' programs, which are free to the public.

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