Monday, March 30, 2009

Mystery Monday - Robert Leroy Thompson of Tennessee (1880-1965)

Amy Crooks on her Untangled Family Roots blog suggested a "Madness Monday" meme to discuss those ancestors that drive us crazy - either because of what they did with their lives or because they are so elusive.

Here's one of the elusive ancestors of my brother-in-law's wife that is so mysterious that I have been unable to find a birth, marriage or census record for him.

ROBERT LEROY THOMPSON (1880-1965) of Tennessee

Here is a series of posts about my hunt for this elusive ancestor:

* My UFOs are hiding

* More UFO attempts

* Desperately seeking the Thompson family

* Leroy Thompson's obituary

* The Robert Leroy Thompson brick wall

* The Ultimate "Dodging the Census" Puzzle

* Sharing Family Information

Rather than re-post all of this information, I will leave the information buried in those links. Suffice it to say that I have not found anything about this man on my own except for the SSDI entry. The family had the letters which provide a marriage date time frame, the military papers that provides his enlistment date and place, and the photographs. The death certificate, which provided the birth date and place and death date and place, and his obituary were provided by a kind soul in NC.

I welcome any suggestions on how to find a marriage record in Tennessee in the 1917 time frame, and how to find name changes and adoption/guardianship records (but I don't know the county!). I recall that I was going to get the SS-5 application and didn't do it.

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