Sunday, April 19, 2009

"A Better Way to Cite Online Sources" Video

Mark Tucker, who writes the ThinkGenealogy blog, is a software architect by day, and a genealogy innovator by night. Mark just sent out his first press release to interested parties, and I'm posting it (I don't usually post press releases, but Mark is a ProGen colleague) at his request:

"Phoenix, AZ – April 20, 2009. Every genealogist and family historian from beginner to professional will at some time confront the issue of source citations. Although great advances have been made in recent years to standardize and simplify citations, it is still too difficult. Today on a video was released that proposes a better way to cite online sources.

"This 7.5 minute video consists of two sections. The first section discusses some of the current issues with citing sources especially when it comes to online sources. The second section demonstrates an approach to quickly and accurately cite online sources. The technology needed to accomplish this exists today. The changes proposed by this video requires collaboration between various providers of genealogy software and services.

"As a genealogy community, we have at times united to get our voices heard in such areas as records preservation & access, NARA fees, and other topics of key concern. You are invited to watch the video, provide feedback, and learn how we can work together to make citing online sources approachable to all researchers."

Please go watch this short video. Mark has a short survey on his web site and requests that you take the time to provide information to help him improve this idea and make it work.

What Mark is showing looks pretty easy, but I'm unsure of a few of the steps that look like (to me) "and then a miracle occurs!" Maybe I missed something important? I know that he will be able to explain it!

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