Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cape Cod History and Genealogy web site

I ran across David Kew's Cape Cod History and Genealogy web page yesterday and wanted to share it with my readers. According to his resume, David was born in Wellfleet on the Cape and has been collecting history, genealogy, photographs, stories, etc. about the Cape for a long time.

I was particularly interested in the Genealogy section of his web site. It is mainly about the town of Wellfleet and based on the town records, published books, etc. David says:

"The more of my own genealogy I looked at, the more I realized that I'm at least vaguely connected to nearly everyone who lived in Orleans/ Eastham/ Wellfleet Massachusetts before say 1900 or even 1950. So my long-range goal is to include everyone who lived in 17th-18th century Eastham and 18th-19th century Wellfleet, and this will include many people from the other Lower Cape towns as well. This would be much easier if they hadn't kept using the same limited set of names, generation after generation!"

That is certainly a noble goal and a significant genealogical challenge. The Wellfleet genealogy page is here. The alphabetical surname index of names is here for "Wellfleet, Eastham and beyond" as David says.

As astute readers of Genea-Musings recall, my Elizabeth Horton (Dill) Smith was probably born in Eastham or Wellfleet in the 1790's. David has her in his database, and indicates her parents are Thomas and Hannah (Horton) Dill and he quotes my blog post noted above for EHD.

I appreciate David Kew's efforts to put everything related to his home town in one database. It is a tremendous effort. Wouldn't it be great if there were more web sites like this? Putting genealogy data from original sources on the Internet will help researchers find their folks. Putting them in family groups is also helpful, but can be fraught with errors. Researcher beware!

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Earline Hines Bradt said...

Thanks for the info Randy, my ancestors founded Nauset(Eastham), maybe I can find new info about them.:)