Thursday, May 14, 2009

News from the NGS Shindig

I've been surprised by the lack of "news conference" items coming from the National Genealogical Society Conference in Raleigh NC this week. Usually, "big" announcements are made the first day or two of the conference. My hope was that would open up the site, but it is still not available to regular folks like you and me.

Dick Eastman is at the NGS Conference but has made very few posts and written nothing about the conference yet (as of 9 p.m. PDT on 14 May).

Amy Coffin is the only genea-blogger (the We Tree blog) who has written more than one report of her conference experiences. Her posts so far cover:

* NGS 2009 Conference Recap for May 12
* NGS 2009 Conference Recap for May 13
* NGS 2009 Conference Recap for May 14

It sounds like she is having a lot of fun and learning interesting and useful information and techniques.

My favorite DearMYRTLE is also posting daily summaries. Hers include:

* NGS Day One

There are several conference attendees twittering about their experiences, including:

* Amy Coffin (tweetname ACoffin) is twittering her sessions and social events using the hashtag #ngs09.

* Dean Richardson (tweetname hikari17) is twittering using the hashtag #ngs.
* Crista Cowan (tweetname CristaCowan) is twittering using the hashtag #ngs.
* ArcaLife (tweetname arcalife) is twittering using the hashtag #ngs.
* Anne Mitchell (tweetname giverofstars) is twittering using the hashtag #ngs.

The last four are exhibitors in the exhibit hall.

Did I miss anybody? Please shout out!

I know that many of my Facebook Friends are at the Conference, but most of them have not posted anything about it. Methinks they are having too good a time working, learning, eating and talking to find time to put on Facebook or Twitter.

That's it - very few people summarizing or broadcasting the events at NGS. I feel so left out of the loop! There's something really neat going on and I'm ...

Well, I'm having the time of my life with my grandsons this week - it's the NGS here in San Diego - the Nifty Grandsons Shindig meeting and I'm hosting it. Today we played baseball at 8 a.m., went miniature golfing and played air hockey at 10 a.m., out to lunch, home for naps, over to a friend's house to swim in her pool, played soccer, played tag, two rounds of Grandpa Monster, and more baseball tonight before bedtime. Sleepy boys, pooped grandpa. NGS day 1 is over here...

That's why you haven't heard much from me today. I probably won't have much posted until Sunday when the family goes up to Long Beach for the family day of the U.S. Marine unit.


Harold Henderson said...

Thanks for the links, Randy!

Lori Thornton said...

Sorry, Randy. I was just too busy to blog this past week! I was getting back to the room late, trying to check e-mail quickly and get to bed because I was getting up by 5 a.m. every day to go report for duty!