Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Using LiveRoots.com - Post 2

I took a look at http://www.liveroots.com/ the other day - see Using LiveRoots.com - Post 1.

I wanted to do a surname search to see if there are Lanphear/Lamphere/etc. resources that I've missed in my search for the parents of Devier J. Lamphear alias Smith. I put the "Lanphear" surname in the Search box on the LiveRoots Search page:

I clicked on "Search" and received some Surname Results, some Resource Results, including some Partner site results (two screens):

I was interested in what was found on the Family History Library Catalog site, so I clicked on that link:

I was also interested in the Genealogy Bank results:

And I was interested in the World Vital Records results:

There are some really neat things about the LiveRoots.com web site:

1) It is really easy to use - put a name or keyword in the box and click Search.

2) The Searches are really fast - this search took 0.6 seconds to work, although it did not provide a link to every bit of information about the search term in the partner sites. I like FAST!

3) This search engine is getting to be an excellent one-stop shop for researchers needing to look at many web sites for an elusive surname or keyword.

What would I like it to have? I'd like it to search for a given name and a surname, and I'd like it to use wild cards. I don't want much, eh? My guess is that such a request would slow the process down quite a bit, but it would sure be useful, and helpful.

I complained back in January that surname results from http://www.rootsweb.com/ did not show up in the list of resources found by LiveRoots. It still doesn't, even though LiveRoots has links to the Rootsweb databases (found by searching for "Rootsweb Records").

Because results for at least one significant web site doesn't show up in the list, I have no idea if results from other web sites also don't show up.

The Major Collections are listed here. It would be good if the date they were added to the site search capability was available so that a user could see what s/he might havem issed before.


Mary said...

Hi Randy,
Add me to the list of people who think you deserve the "Friendly Blogger" award...I learn so much from the information you share.
--Mary at AncestorTracking

Earline Hines Bradt said...

I have also chosen your blog for the "Friendly Blogger Award".I enjoy reading your blog and participating in Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.