Monday, May 11, 2009

Using - Post 1

I visited in early January in my post Checking in on The site continues to add more resources that it accesses in response to search criteria.

Using a Search Engine like can serve as a "one-stop shop" for busy genealogists, but only if the "one-stop shop" has access to a large variety of resources. My judgment is that LiveRoots reached the critical mass of accessed databases some time ago.

In my opinion, it has become a "must-use" site for persons seeking surname and locality information. I thought that I would demonstrate how I use the site.

Here is the home page screen:

There are links on the home page for Search, Discover, and Learn More. The Learn More link provides the Getting Started page with useful information about how to use the site:

The Discover link provides a list of Recent Discoveries - that is information that has recently been added to the LiveRoots content list:

The Search link provides a Search box for surnames or keywords. The site says: "... will access two key resources: the Live Roots catalog and the Live Roots index. The results we be presented under the headings Surname Results and Resource Results. "

In the next post, I will do a surname search.

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