Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lookee here! - a Genea-Blogger map!

I was reading my Twitter list this morning and saw the re-tweet by GeneaBloggers (Thomas MacEntee) that said:

"geneabloggers RT @genseek: Look what I found! A cool map of recent genealogy blogging. #genealogy blog finder"

I clicked on the link, which went to Chris Dunham's Genealogy Blog Finder page and clicked on the Who's Blogging Where link and lookee what I saw:

The map shows which of the 1,348 genealogy blogs (the current number in the Blog Finder) have posted Today (red marker), Yesterday (Blue marker) or earlier (Yellow marker).

If you click on one of the markers, you can see which blog is located in that location.

The blog map is refreshed every 30 minutes or so! Great job, Chris!

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