Saturday, May 9, 2009

Working in RootsMagic 4 - Post 18: Creating an Individual Summary

Previous posts in this series are listed in Working in RootsMagic 4 - Summary of Posts.

In this post, I'm going to create an "Individual Summary" report - defined as a summary of all the information for a single person. In the "Family" View with my grandfather, Frederick Walton Seaver, highlighted, I clicked on the "Report" menu item and clicked the "Individual Summary" option. The "Report Settings" menu opened:

The menu options include selecting either the "Current person" or "Select from list." There are check boxes for Notes, Individual Facts, Parents, Spouses/Children, Photo, Current address and To-Do items. The familiar formatting buttons for Reset, Layout, Fonts and Sources are on the right of the menu. I made my selections and clicked on the "Generate Report" button:

The screen above shows the top of the first page of the four page report (I zoomed in to 100% to make the pages easier to read) for Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942). The preferred photo is shown, with his name, gender, parents names, individual facts, spouse and children, and notes on the first page. The notes continue on page 2:

The last page is a Source list in Endnote format:

This report can be very useful for researchers. The font and color options are limited for this report as for many other reports. I would like to see the person's name in the title block on each page.

Only one photograph (the "preferred" photo selected by the user) can be shown. For all photographs attached to a person, the "Scrapbook" option should be used.

The next post will describe creating a "Custom Report" in RootsMagic 4.

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