Monday, July 13, 2009

GeneaBloggers Members Google Search

The inventive Thomas MacEntee has come up with another goodie - a widget that searches the blogs of over 500 geneabloggers on the Geneabloggers member list for specific search terms. See Thomas's post here.

For instance, I wondered how many posts there were for this last weekend's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, so I input the search string ["saturday night" "time travel" and received this set of matches. Pretty cool.

And if I wanted to find posts about a web site - say [genealogywise OR "genealogy wise"] the matches are here.

I wonder how many posts it will find for Genea-Musings? Here's the list! Hmm, that didn't work out well - too many people linking to it (which is good!). Ah, I'll search for [genea-gasm] - it found 7 mentions, all but two from Genea-Musings (of course, when you search, there will be eight because of this post).

Nice tool, Thomas! Thanks.

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