Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grandpa Camp Day 3 - A Welcome Break

Since Grandpa had a meeting to go to at noontime, Grandma stepped in and had a fun day with Lucas. He's now calling the week "Grandpa and Grandma Camp" which is appropriate!

* He was up early again - out the front door at 6 a.m. to get rubber bands (he said...don't ask). Grandma got up and started the breakfast routine. He and I had our waffles at 7:15 or so. Lucas has a bunch of hockey cards (pictures of hockey players - you know, like the old baseball cards) and knows all of the teams and many of the players. He loves hockey! He played PBS games on the computer for awhile, then we looked at recent family pictures, and pictures of his mother's wedding. He loves to do this with me!

* After Linda left for swimming, he and I went out front to throw the ball around, then to the back yard for hitting. We also played one half of soccer before Grandpa was too hot and tired (well, maybe 10 minutes). Ah - snacks - watermelon and choc chip cookie hits the spot! This kid loves to snack! Then three games of Uno - he loves to play games!

* Linda came back and we headed out for Costco at 11 a.m. Bought a GPS unit, then had lunch (Hot dog and lemonade) there, and I went off to my CVGS Board meeting at the library, and Grandma took Lucas shopping for his birthday.

* My Board meeting was over at 2 p.m., so I was home by 2:30 and found a note that said they had gone swimming at a friend's home. Free time? What am I gonna do? I read my email and blogs, then took a nap! Answered some email, made a genealogy report for the San Francisco cousins and sent it off to them, and was ready to write a blog post when they came home. Oh well!

* Back out to the backyard to play catch and he tried to rope me into a soccer game but I resisted... we came in and had a snack and he played with his cards while I tried to make the GPS unit work. Ah, needs to be charged - plugged it into the USB port.

* Dinner time was spare ribs and green beans out in the patio. Very pleasant - he ate it all...probably hungry after all of the snacks and games. Then he helped me water the front plants and put out the trash. Came back in for dessert (angel food cake, strawberries and ice cream) out on the patio where it was pleasantly cool (maybe only 80F but shady and breezy).

* Bath time, then watch ESPN for awhile (did I mention that Lucas loves sports on TV too?), ready for bed, a story about Grandpa playing football at the park, and he conked out within ten minutes of lying down with me. Cool.

Genealogy today? Not much. Email and blogs in the morning, a blog post about the SDGS program, then the afternoon email review and genealogy reports, and that's about it.

Lots of family history made, though. Tomorrow is a big day - we go off to the USS MIdway floating museum to see an aircraft carrier and a lot of planes on the flight deck, then in the evening we'll go to the Padres game at Petco Park. He loves riding the trolley.

I hope you don't mind these daily activity reports - they will help me remember what we did, and I can send them to my daughter so that Lucas can read them in the future.


The Family Curator said...

Don't mind 'em a bit, Randy. I am enjoying them immensely and looking forward to my own grandparent camp one day. Great idea to write them down... might be fun to print out the posts and put them with snapshots of your day making a little photo album/scrapbook Lucas can take home with him after his visit. Hey, it could be a quiet activity for a hot afternoon, if he could stay still 10 minutes!

Ancestral Wales said...

Lovely to read your stories of Lucas' visit. Enjoy every minute of your time together!

Elyse said...

My goodness Randy, you are the most active Grandpa I've ever heard of! All of your grandchildren are so lucky to have you and Linda as grandparents! I am exhausted just reading all of the activities that you do!