Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm at Grandpa Camp this week

Blogging on Genea-Musings may be lighter than usual all of this week because I am hosting Grandpa Camp. I picked my 5-year-old grandson, Lucas, up at the airport on Monday at 1 p.m. and we headed for the Miniature Golf place and promptly spent about $20 on games and things. Then it was home to have milk and cookies, then play baseball in the front driveway, and then he played Uno with Grandma while Grandpa rested his eyes.

We went out to pizza for dinner and dropped more cash in the arcade games - he likes the Race Car ones where he can drive on the sidewalk and smash into buildings - it's great fun to watch him. Hopefully, by the time he's 16, he will have had enough practice that he'll stay to the right of the centerline. He ate his pizza and we brought some home for lunches for the rest of the week.

To top off the evening, we went swimming at our friend's home - Lucas is a great swimmer - he dives, he jumps from high places, he dogpaddles furiously and swims underwater beautifully. We had so much fun. Then it was home for ice cream and watching the Padres game (Pads beat Atlanta 4-2). We put a puzzle together while watching the game.

He finally conked out at 10...which left precious little time to write anything blogwise. So you get a "new" Family History post instead of some boring "how-to" article with lots of screen shots.

Angel Linda had him guess what was in one of her four-generations pictures while we riding in the car to dinner. Then when we got home, she showed him the picture. This is his mitochondrial DNA line! I haven't told him that, of course! Yet - I better wait until he is eight and can understand genetics.

One little note - I've heard from two more descendants of Elijah and Jane McKnew and have started corresponding with them. One of them went by the San Francisco houses on Saturday and spoke to the owner. How cool is that?

One last thing - Footnote.com has the 1930 United States census for free access through the end of August. Try it! Here's the information they sent out:

"We will be opening the entire Interactive 1930 US Census for free throughout the month of August. All the indexes in their entirety are always free on Footnote.com. However, for this month we will allow free access to the images as well. Visitors will need to go to www.footnote.com/1930census/ and register (provide email address) to gain free access."


Donna said...


I wish you were my grampa - that sounds like so much fun. You and Linda are going to need a vacation after this week. I am usually exhausted after an afternoon with the 2 and 4 year olds. Not to mention my back hurts from being jumped on. Enjoy your week - "live" genealogy is so much more fun than our usual genealogy work!

What's Past is Prologue

Elyse said...

Randy, I'm with Donna - will you be my grandpa?

Have fun making memories with the kids, they are going to treasure those memories so much.

One of the things that I wish for is more memories with my grandparents, but unfortunately I don't have much. These memories are what family history is all about!

gsgenealogy said...

I seem to remember that your wife can teach anyone how to swim. Did she teach your grandson? My nine year old son does not like the water on his face and really does not like the pool. He shivers the entire time he is in the water even if it is 90 degrees out. He sees his friends in the pool and just wants to sit and watch them. Even when he was a baby he cried when he had to wash his face! Any advice from your wife to ease him into the pool?