Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Genealogy Trading Cards

It's Saturday Night - time for some Genealogy Fun! Each week, a number of devoted Genea-Musings readers accept a Mission Possible - if they choose to. We have had over 60 entries some weeks!

For this weeks challenge, please go read Sheri Fenley's blog (The Educated Genealogist) post Trading Cards, Get Your Trading Cards and then:

1) Make your own Trading Card(s) on . It's easy to do, but you need a head shot photo of your subject.

2) Post your Trading Card on your web site, your blog, or on your Facebook account (or some other account where you can upload a JPG file).

3) Can you think of other uses for these trading cards? If so, tell us about it!

Thank you, Sheri, for the idea! I was dead in the water on Friday night!

Here's mine:

My idea for the Trading Cards: A collection of these cards could be Christmas gifts for family members and friends - with brief highlights of the past year.


Sheri Fenley said...

Always happy to help! I think these would be great ice-breakers at conferences, meetings, etc.

Anonymous said...

Mines up at

Thanks Randy!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Hey, my dad's cousin is a retired aerospace engineer. Retired to the good life near a beach in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Genea-Card for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

Thanks for another nite of fun..

Tina Sansone

Bill West said...

Hey Randy,
Mine's at

taneya said...

Got mine up! Thanks for the prompting.

GrannyPam said...

Lots of fun, mine is here:

Robert Baca said...

Mine is on

Terri said...

Great Fun! Here's mine:

Carol Genung said...

I loved this challenge! Mine is at

footnoteMaven said...

Thanks Randy:

Love the GeneaFun! You can find mine here.


Leah Kleylein said...

This was fun! A really great idea Randy (and Sheri)!

Here's mine: